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Smartchord review

Quick over view on smart chord.

GuitarRx App for Android and iPhones - Popular Guitar Riffs

http://www.guitarrx.com - This pre-release video provides and overview of our GuitarRx smartphone app that delivers some of the most popular guitar riffs, licks ...

Demo Video of "Learn Advanced Guitar Chords" for Android

Video demonstrating the app.

ChordProg - Ear training app! (Promo)

Have you ever wanted to play a song by ear? Learn to play any song by ear with this ear training app. This ear training app teaches you how to recognize the ...

Auto Chords & Detect Repeats in ScoreCloud Studio

http://scorecloud.com Showing off the new Auto Chords and Detect Repeats features in ScoreCloud Studio 3.3 by singing the traditional Swedish Christmas ...

Guitar chords with voice search

An android app that helps find open position guitar chords using voice recognition. More info at http://www.motekulo.net/?page_id=173.

Free Online Piano Chord Finder & Dictionary - Mobile Friendly

Free online piano chord finder & dictionary: https://www.starsandcatz.com/hub-piano-chord-finder/ -- This piano chord finder and dictionary web app is mobile ...

Chord&Scale Finder CHORD BOY

App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app//id480934673?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8 WEB : http://contents.pocke.tv/chord_boy/ Keyboard Chords & Scales & Synthesizer ...

FunkyDrumTutor: An iPhone/iPad app to improve your rhythm skills

Fret Master preview (PRO version 1.23)

The ability to quickly find any note or octave on the guitar fretboard is a vital tool for every serious guitarist. This skill will allow you to better understand the music ...

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