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Sehr gut

Zum Üben ausgezeichnet. Insbesondere Akkorde und Rhythmus werden ausgezeichnet trainiert, der Schwerpunkt liegt eindeutig auf dem schnellen Erlernen von Songs, insgesamt sehr motivierend und trotzdem anspruchsvoll gestaltet. Lediglich musiktheorethische Fähigkeiten kommen zu kurz. Alles ohne Noten, Tonart und sonstiges Wissenswertes also. Ausserdem wird zu schnell zu viel Neues "beigebracht", bevor man Erlerntes festigen konnte. Ich rede hier von "Warm up" und "Workout". Also ich sehr wenig Sinn darin, ständig mit neuen, noch exotischeren Akkorden zu kommen, anstatt bereits erlernte, aber nicht geübte Kenntnisse zu vertiefen. Trotzdem wertvolle App, die ständig verbessert wird.

Great job

Very easy to use, beautiful design , still needs more descriptions and hints for courses,

Pour le moment jen suis très très content

Chouette appli pour débutant et très efficace On apprend vraiment à jouer des petits morceaux en qques jours seulement


Great but I need to pay for more

Great App for getting in the swing of things.

Finally starting to play on a regular basis and this is a great way to stay consistent. The way it follows your real time playing is awesome. Puts together chord progressions so that you can quickly apply what you learned. Teaches recognizable chords from famous songs. Fun! Picks up my electric without a plug in tool, but picks up acoustic best.

This is a nice app

I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to brush up on the playing


This app is the greatest thing to ever happen to my guitar practice. Its ability to listen to what you are doing and correct you, the strumming trainer, how it keeps track of your practice streak, and sends a practice reminder...its so amazing. As a beginner this has finally helped me to stay focused and practice every day. 30 days strong so far. Woooohooo!

Great for beginners!

Im loving this app! It guides you through the lessons and helps you from tuning your guitar to playing the notes right!

Great Learning Tool!!!

Ive always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Ive tried books, dvds, and YouTube videos but could never get the hang of it. They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks, bur at the ripe old age of 61, Im finally making significant progress thanks to the Uberchord app. Unlike the other tools Ive tried in the past, Uberchord provides me with real time feedback concerning exactly what I am doing correctly (or incorrectly). It shows me where my fingers were placed for each chord I play so I know exactly what strings I pressed correctly and which strings I shouldnt have touched but did. If youve always wanted to learn the guitar, give the Uberchord app a try. I highly recommend it.

Love the app!!


So Far So Good

Really liking the app so far. The chord recognition is awesome.

Great way to learn chords

Just started using this app after trying to teach myself via the net. Good to have structured lessons and I feel I am making progress. Bit frustrating knowing my fat fingers are hitting the wrong strings but gradually getting them in line. Cant beat this- a free tool that delivers. Hope future lessons build on the foundation because some of the early chords arent taught early in other plans Ive looked at. Like why is D sus2 in the early part? Maybe Ill learn why shortly ... anyway. Great app!

Love this app!

It has helped me tremendously.

Top. Kann ich nur empfehlen

Dieses App ist echt gut. Hat sich auch extrem verbessert und es macht echt Spaß damit zu lernen. Ich freue mich auf die neue Features; wirklich super. Play on!

Amazing App. Easy to use and learn

One of the best app to learn how to play guitar. Thank you


It just an app - but it has all the basic skills that a teacher would teach and it doesnt judge. Makes me want to learn.


Its pretty noice

Tag drei

Die App fordert mich ziemlich gut. Bin wirklich Anfänger und lerne noch Akkorde. Das Umgreifen wird nicht erklärt, das finde ich sehr schade. Im vergleich zu anderen Apps einfach großartig! Die täglichen Workouts motivieren! Die App korrigiert Fehler und steigert das Tempo. Macht Spaß

Very good for beginners!

I like this app, I think its going to compete seriously with Yousician. It needs some increases, Yousician is more complete at the moment but youre in the right way. Graphics are marvelous!!! The prices also are good!

Tag zwei

Bin noch dabei mich reinzufinden. Die App fordert mich aber schon ganz gut. Bin wirklich Anfänger und lerne Akkorde. Das Umgreifen wird nicht erklärt, das finde ich sehr schade.

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