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Seriously !

The way things are now I am sure I will improve my guitar play asap ??



Great beginner app

Ive been "playing" the guitar on and off for quite some time. Getting back into it again and I always have to start from scratch because I didnt have any fundamentals. This app is great at teaching the basics and giving you and easy and fun way to practice



Just starting

I just started playing guitar again and i havent gotten too far along in the app, but its been pretty helpful so far

Ist ok

Dadurch das es kostenlos ist, ist es gar nicht so schlecht


Je suis tout simplement bluffé par cette appli. Bravo! Je suis intéressé pour y trouver également des riffs ou des solos à lavenir.


Sehr motivierende App. Da macht Üben richtig Spaß! Der Support ist ebenfalls sehr gut und reagiert schnell auf Anfragen und Probleme. Ich bin begeistert.

Début plutôt sympa

Je reviendrai pour commenter la suite


Recognizes chords and can build them.

Great app

After trying other apps, I can definitely say without a doubt that this one is the best for new guitarists


Короче приложуха вообще ни разу не интуитивная и не юзер френдли. Нельзя скинуть настройку гитары если она настроена. Дальше вообще не понятно, что от меня хотят

Exactly what I wanted!

I just got myself a guitar and this app is great! It listens to how your chords sounds and tells you if you got it or not. Really impressive.


This app is just amazing! Im already learning to play pretty good at a fast pace with the way this app teaches!


Fantastic App! Im learning so much!

Super appli

Très bien pour sentraîner à faire des accords

For all the tone deaf

Love this app! Great practice with a nice pace. The only thing that slows me down is me- cant remember the chords and couldnt tell you by sound any of their names. Its great to just play as the app takes me through exercises and songs.

Terrible app

This app is very bad


Love that it makes you want to discover more songs and learn.

Very cool

I might actually buy this one. Being able to perfect actual songs is awesome

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