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Deutlich besser als Ultimate Guitar

UberChord ist eine sehr schön designte App, die beim Erlernen der Basics hilft. Auch für Fortgeschrittene kommt mehr und mehr hab ich den Eindruck... Weiter so! :-)

Update Probleme

Sehr gute app, dennoch ist bei fast jedem Update der Übungsfortschritt verloren gegangen. Das frustriert ein wenig...

Second review

Ive been playing for a little over a month now, and Uberchord has really helped me keep on track. The only thing that would be nice would be a free play option to still log time when you are playing a song on your own that isnt part of a lesson. Other than that, its been very helpful!


Verzeiht einem aber auch gar keinen Fehler ??? Super ! ?? spar ich mir evtl den Gitarrenunterricht

Fantastic App

Ive had a guitar in my garage for 15 years and this app made me pull it out so I could learn! If there were more free courses it would be a 5/5!

Fracking great

Really is


Verblüffend gut


This is my first day picking up a guitar and I have learned 3 chords, properly tuned my guitar, and can actually strum with a beat. I am impressed. Great app!

Great app‼

I love this app‼


Eine sehr gute App


Its a great way to learn the chords. The tuning mechanism can sometimes be inconsistent.

Login required to use app

Login required to use app


Merci énormément pour cette application qui ma permis dapprendre à débuter la guitare chez moi en dehors de mes cours! Les vidéos ytb ne me convenais pas et cette applications, totalement!


Its good

Great left hand practice

Great left hand practice, but not much for the strumming hand. Either way, its structured decently for those whod like to learn chords.


Die App ist sehr hilfreich und kann beim Gitarre lernen helfen! Für Theorie und richtige Haltung sowie weitere Fortbildung würde ich jedoch auf YouTube Videos zurückgreifen


Cest vraiment très ludique et pratique

Great guitar learning app

As a person with 20+ years of self-taught guitar experience, this app really works my chord hand. Great for getting away from cowboy chords and expanding your musical vocabulary. I love how you can set practice reminders and it shows you how long youve been practicing in case you dont have hours every day to practice. And you dont have to decide what to practice... Once you start down a path it will dictate what you will work on in any given practice session. Im trying to get at least 20-30 minutes of deliberate daily practice in, and this app always presents me with a challenge. The kicker is how it doesnt just shoot chord shapes at you, it will then put them into a progression and you get to heat how they work with other chords. Its like learning to talk... First you learn individual words, then you learn how they work together. Im sure a professional guitar instructor would give a more thorough learning experience, but if all you want to do is sit on the couch for 30-60min per day and not play the same G-C-D chords forever, this app is a great and convenient learning tool. My only complaint is sometimes the app doesnt think you played a chord right and you know you did... And when your hand is hurting from contorting into a new chord shape you arent familiar with, its easy to become frustrated with it. Overall its great, though.


Love this app! Its like a guitar teacher in my phone. Itll even tell me what Im doing wrong.

An awesome app


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